1st Annual Speed Dating Event

Get Hitched This Valentine’s Day. Here’s the deal…

We’re making dating fun! Fill out this registration form to enter.

We are looking for at least 15 single ladies & 15 single guys to partake in our SPEED DATE event. This event will occur in our Banquet room.

For the Ladies:

You will be seated at various tables in our banquet room, and will have the ability to indulge in some small appetizers, and treats both our kitchen, and bar have prepared for you. Did we mention we were giving you a complimentary cocktail to help keep your nerves in check? Your entry time is at 7pm sharp. This gives enough time to get you seated and ready to go.

We know you like to travel in groups, ladies. We are making space for your friends to join you and observe from our elevated landing section. That way you can feel good about your speed date, and even get those texts about the guys they might like to see you with. Tables for your friends to observe from cost $20 and have a max 3 seats available.

For the Guys:

You will start at a specific designated table across from a lady, and will be required to move from and to the next table, in a specified progression, every 2 minutes. There is a $10 entry fee for the guys. But wait, we’re giving you an edge too… You can buy flowers & other gifts and have them sent to the table(s) of your choice to get an edge on the other guys.

So, the guys get to bring there boys too. Same as the Gals, $20 to observe, and max 3 guys to a table, but the guys are on the other side of the room.

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