The Garden

BlackJax closed down due to COVID19 on March 16th 2020. By the direction of the owner, the staff was able to come in, but we were all required to be forward thinking, and productive. Management and Ownership took the time to devise a plan that would continue BlackJax commitment to servicing a community. The world was in fear, and BlackJax ownership felt it was imperative to prepare for the unknown.

The first steps of the garden started with preparing the soil. On March 26th 2020, staff members and the owners devised a plan to put together a plot large enough to grow enough produce for the sale to the community and use in the restaurant. Progress was posted on social media, and BlackJax received an astounding amount of support from the local community. Regular customers, new customers, and families sent “do’s and don’t’s” about how to garden, what to do, and when to do it.

This information proved vital to Blackjax. The first planting, from seeds, was lost to the cold weather, and planting to early. The second planting gained traction from following the directions of the community and friends.