Banquets and Events

Welcome to the BlackJax on-line Event portal. The on-line Event Portal is designed to make booking your event easy. This tool will send us your event information, and allow us to see if your date is available. Upon completion of building your event on our quotation system, your event quote will be entered into your shopping cart. Once your event is in the cart and you are on the cart page, select “Free Quote” for a shipping option, and then press the “Proceed to checkout” button at the bottom of the form.

Once your event is on the “Check Out” Page fill in the necessary contact information. In the “Shipping” section select “Free Quote”, and then in the payment section select “Event Quote” and then press the “Place order” button. This will conclude the estimate process from your side, and our internal processing will begin. We will reach out to you, at the information you provide, within 2 days of receiving your request.

We will give instructions on any other information we require, and give details on our payment options. Currently, we are accepting cash payments, or checks only. All payments are to be made 7 days in advance, and require a signed contract. This assures all of our staff, outside vendors, food purveyors, and entertainers are compensated for their services.

Our Policy:

All Credit Card Purchases will include a 3% convenience fee.

BlackJax, it’s Banquet room, and event spaces are all part of a full service facility. This facility does not rent out, in part or in whole, for events not fully serviced by BlackJax or it’s staff.

This facility does not rent out, in part or in whole, without a valid BlackJax Package selection from our on-line portal, or from a member of the BlackJax events team.

Outside food and drinks are strictly prohibited, in part or in full, by liquor license laws, insurance requirements, PA department of Agriculture, and/or house policy. An exception to this is a wedding cake prepared in a serve safe certified facility who carries insurance.

BlackJax Reserves the right to change, modify, and/or remove items that may become unavailable, are cost prohibitive, or have generated a concern for the operation.

Minors Policy: No minor can be served alcohol. Our staff may require, from time to time, a check of ID by persons consuming alcohol, that may be considered minors by our staff.

Thank you for using the Blackjax On-Line Event Portal.

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