The Tavern

The Tavern at BlackJax provides a casual environment with 16 drafts, 30 different bottled beers and 80 different flavors of spirits. The tavern was re-designed in 2019 and adds a bit of an upscale twist. BlackJax invited the Pottstown Tech School to help in the renovation. They provided construction services to aid in the update of the stone walls, and stone bar facades.

BlackJax has really made a change and it’s great.

Mike D.

We are here for our community.

BlackJax donated to our school events, and has created an area for our sports teams to gather regularly.

Proud Parent

Blackjax is a part of the Southeastern Most section of Berks County, and is located on route 422 along the Douglassville, Birdsboro corridor. It has operated successfully for 9 years in it’s current location, and has performed countless banquets, parties, live events, school functions, sporting events, corporate training events, weddings, and dining experiences of all types. Blackjax directly supports its local communities through many different facets of it’s operations. Currently, is supports the Daniel Boone School District, and regional areas including Exeter, Douglassville, Birdsboro, North Coventry, Pottsotwn, Reading, and The Pottsgroves through community support, employment, direct donations, discounts, and time/space.

As Blackjax gears it’s operation back up to full speed from the 2020/2021 pandemic, it has generated a myriad of vacancies at all levels of the business. Blackjax is currently seeking community businesses to engage with for their supply services, and is looking to the general community for staffing positions from entry level to professional service employees.

Blackjax believes that it is here for it’s community, and strives to meet and exceed business expectations. Our community is awesome, and we are proud to be a part of it.

Have fun!