BlackJax Fantasy Football League

Use the below for to sign-up for the BlackJax Fantasy Football League.

League Information, Rules, Regulations, and Standards…

  • Leagues will have a commissioner designated by BlackJax. The Commissioner will not be on any league.
  • Each League Member will be required to have a Sleeper Fantasy Football Account.
  • The account can be formed at
  • Each League will consist of 12 members.
  • The League Registration Fee is $100 per member.
  • Each potential League member should use the below form for initial sign-up.
  • Registration e-mails & information will be sent out by the commissioner and will include prize information, and other league details.
  • BlackJax Night Club Area will be the hosting space for the Draft.
  • All members of the league must be pre-paid to guarantee a league position.
  • The League is required to meet, and have the draft facilitated at BlackJax.
  • BlackJax will provide Food and Drink Specials for league participants during the draft.

Sign-Up Form